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Bhai Nazar Singh Ji

Bhai Nazar Singh hails from Saharanpur and currently resides in Milwaukee. At a young age he traveled to Gwalior, which is home to the oldest school (Gharana) of Khayal singing. (Khayal is the most prominent contemporary genre in Hindustani vocal classical music) Bhai Nazar Singh has been blessed with a beautiful voice, which combined with the richness of Gwalior Khayal Gayki make him a wonderful kirtaniya. Bhai Nazar singh has a passion for teaching Gurmat Sangeet. Having received formal training in classical music, he is well versed in musical theory and notation. As a result he has the ability to teach in an extremely systematic manner. He has introduced many sangat members in the Milwaukee area to Gurmat Sangeet. The Gurmat Sangeet Project is indebted to Bhai Nazar Singh; he is the source of severla of the simple shabad reets (compositions) that make up the Basic Syllabus of the Gurmat Sangeet Project.

I would also like to acknowledge Bhai Nazar Singh Ji as my first teacher, who introduced me to Gurmat Sangeet and taught me my first Shabad "Har Har Simro Sant Gopala' in Raga Yaman Kalyan, which is the first Shabad that all students in the Gurmat Sangeet learn. I would like to thank Bhai Sahib for his kindness, generosity and patience. It is through humble Kirtaniyas like him that the Guru's blessings are obtained in the form of Gurmat Sangeet and even those who have never opened their mouths in their lives to sing are inspired to sing the glories of Waheguru.

These three priceless recordings were made in the early 90s at the Milwaukee Gurdwara, where Bhai Sahib would teach me and a couple of other students. The other voice heard on the first recording belongs to Dr.Ravinderjit Singh, a good friend now in Rochester, MN.

Har Har Simro Sant Gopala Yaman Kalyan Tintaal
Re Man Aiso Kar Sanyasa Bhinn Shadja Tintaal
Guru Ramdas Rakho Sarnayi Darbari Kanada Jhaptaal