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Bhai Sarbjit Singh 'Rangila'

Bhai Sarbjit Singh 'Rangila' and his Jatha offering Kirtan Sevat at the Boston Basant Raga Samagam

Bhai Sarbjit SIngh 'Rangila' of Durg is one of the finest exponents of Gurmat Sangeet today. He has been blessed with a beautiful voice which has been honed to perfection through years of Riyaz. These recordings were made at Milford on March 8 when Bhai Sahib visited the Boston area to participate in the Basant Raga Samagam.

Basant Chadiya Phooli Ban Raye Shuddha Basant  
Sa Rasna Dhan Dhan Hai Bihagda  
Ghol Ghumai Lalna Tukhari Tintaal